Oct 25, 2009

Mating Mollusks

All you children should turn away. Parents, send them from the room. Clicking this video will give you a David Attenborough narration of leopard slugs mating. And it's graphic! Whew, the camera doesn't miss a moment. It's almost...artistic. There's an awful lot of bending and twisting and sliding. And slime. Oodles of slime.

Thanks, Moneca.


Sabina E. said...

oh god... that... that was DISGUSTING

Jon said...

Really cool! But I could have done with out the squishy sound effects.

Anonymous said...


Imagine being able to do that... talk about "becoming one flesh" and all that mushy nonsense people talk about when discussing human sex. If they just saw slugs mating, they would see how utterly boring and mundane our sex is.

Kristina said...

on a rope of mucus, how romantic!

library_girl said...

0_0 o.m.f.g.

Unknown said...

These slugs deserve some privacy. I feel like I invaded their special moment. It was amazing to watch, though.

Summer.tv said...

I feel violated.
I like the way when it was over,
one of them just flung itself to the ground.

I still feel violated though.
And my speakers are broken
but by the sounds of everyone elses reaction,
i probably saved myself from nausea.

eda said...





Galindorf said...

Oh WOW! What a great vid! I got to witness this in real life when I was out walking my dog in Maryland... for a period of a few nights you could find leopard slugs in this embrace. I was STUNNED at the grace of it. Just when I thought Leopard Slugs couldn't get any more lovely!