Oct 17, 2009

Walk the Wilderness

If you want to see a superior nature blog that features original photography of Indian wildlife, then you must visit Walk the Wilderness. It's run by Thomas and Shilpy, who visit various wildlife sanctuaries to capture amazing shots. Not only do they detail the wildlife, but they also discuss how the shot was taken, with what equipment, and how the image was processed after the fact.

My only complaint about Walk the Wilderness is that there aren't nearly enough ugly animals on it. Instead, they have elephants and tigers and peacocks and leopards. Take this photo they took of a painted stork. It's but one in a fantastic series. The only thing that qualifies it for this blog is that we get to see an inordinate amount of its wrinkly orange scalp. Even then, the more I look at it, especially at those eyes, the prettier I find it.

Check out their site. You won't be disappointed. Then come back here once you've been detoxified.

Thanks, Thomas and Shilpy. You've got a good thing going.


Unknown said...

Justin - Thank you so much for introducing our blog. Appreciate it...Cheers, Thomas

Terri, UK said...


More interesting uglyness from the uk.
Altho personally i like orb web spiders

cafe world cheats said...

I admire your blog so much. It is very informative

niner said...

What a pretty bird! Bald heads (on birds!) are so cute!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks for the heads up on "Walk the wilderness"!

Unknown said...

Love the "Walk the wilderness" site. That does not mean that I will stop reading yours, though. After all, who can resist a daily dose of ugly!