May 29, 2008

Clawed Frogs

Scientists have recently gained insight into the claws found on several species of Artholeptidae frogs of Central Africa. These claws are found on the toes of the hind feet, and are now known to be defensive claws.

But these claws are unique in the animal world.

Unlike most other claws, these claws are raw bone, meaning that they lack the usual keratin sheath. Next, these claws reside beneath the skin of the toe, with no opening for them. That means that when the claws are extended, they must cut their way through the skin.

It's unknown how these claws retract, how long it takes, or if the frog completely heals, though it is assumed that they do. It is also unknown whether or not Marvel Comics is going to sue the frogs for copyright infringement against Wolverine.

Thanks for the link, Mary.

Photo source: Not Exactly Rocket Science


Unknown said...

First the "Alien" Eel, now "Wolverine" Frogs. Nature is quite the plagiarist.

Jack Ruttan said...

Maybe proof that cats will make love to anything.