May 13, 2008

Komodo Bites

You wouldn't know it to look at a komodo dragon, but these monitor lizards pack a pretty wimpy bite--if you're taking raw chomping power into consideration only. But have no fear. The world's largest lizard (10 feet long) has come up with a few ingenious ways to counterbalance this deficiency.

A new study reveals that though they may have a 'dainty bite', their skulls are very cleverly engineered, their neck muscles are beefy (beef cake!) and they have razor teeth. They've also got toxic drool, laser vision, lightning breath, and they can disapparate at will. That makes for a lethal combo.

Thanks for the article, Ida.

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Anonymous said...

So instead of having fire breath, they simply have halitosis.
Even though they grow to be HUUUUGE drooling, toxic and bad tempered lizards, I still think they are cute.

Arachnophile said...

Well, a body-plan that has worked for soooo long can't be wrong. ;) Personally, I think Komodos and other Moniter-type lizards are gorgeous (toxic spit 'n all).

We are learning so much about skulls and bite-strengths through some awsome research of late. We are also learning that brute-bite-strength isn't always the most important thing. Toxic spit and saber-teeth go a long way, depending on your prey.

Anonymous said...

Wombat, from your descriptions, it seems like komodo dragons and that albino alligator would be arch-rivals.

Raging Wombat said...

Only one way to find out, angrycuban. Death match?