May 6, 2008

Glass Lady

This frog isn't another miracle of science. It's naturally see-through. She's is an inch-long glass frog from Venezuela.

I'm not sure what advantage being see-through offers a South American frog, but it probably aids in protection, feeding, or mating. Perhaps the male glass frog becomes randy upon seeing his lady's spleen. Not something I would look forward to after a candlelit dinner, but hey, I'm not one to judge.

Thanks for the photo, Ida.


Leisa McCord said...

That is so cool! But I'm a sucker for frogs.

Neffy said...

Ok I know this isn't cute overload but I can't help it! This frog is SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I love this frog.

Hmm..are we sure that humans didn't genetically alter this frog to make it easier to dissect? LOL