May 28, 2008


Elizabeth sent me an article on 24 bizarre creatures of the deep. Here is but one photo from this cornucopia of ugly.

Behold the luminous eye of the Dana Octopus Squid (sounds either like some hybrid beast or a character on Spongebob Square Pants). These cephalopods are the fifth largest of the sea, and are known for the blinding flashes of light they emit as they attack their prey. These flashes of light are believed to cause confusion in the prey, and to illuminate them to facilitate the capture.

The flashes may also aid in courtship. All of you young bucks out there looking for romance may want to take a cue from this squid. Start flashing the ladies who catch your fancy.


Annica said...

That is totally cool!

Anonymous said...

You heard the man. I expect to be flashed by the young bucks of Brooklyn this weekend--flowers are so 2007. Will I press charges? Not knowing is part of the thrill, isn't it?