Nov 9, 2006

Nice Technique

Silena helped me identify this crocodile relative as a gharial. These fish eaters live in the fast moving rivers of India, and rarely leave the water. They are nearly extinct, with an estimated 200 specimens left in the wild. Thanks a lot people. I know they're ugly and all, and that those snouts probably make for a fine trophy, but enough already. Ah, but my ranting is useless. I doubt many Indian hunters read this blog.

As these reptiles age, their snouts grow longer and thinner. The males also grow a bulbous tip on their nose, which is used to make a vibrating noise and to blow bubbles in an attempt to attract a mate. That's a nice technique. I'll try it on my wife and see what she thinks.

Photo courtesy: Joanie


Anonymous said...

It looks like an alligator that had it's head shrunk.

Raging Wombat said...

Must you be so cruel, Kelly?

Anonymous said...

Are there really only 200 left in the wild? I saw six or seven of them at Chitwan national park (in Nepal, but very close to the Indian border). It's a little weird to think that I have seen 3% of an entire species.

Raging Wombat said...

I believe there is a 'real' gharial and a 'lesser' or 'false' gharial. I'm not sure what you saw. Plus, my information is only as good as my source, which I have linked to in my post.

But I am jealous of your travels.