Nov 13, 2006

Career Choice

Elephant seals are known to be enormous and aggressive. This photo demonstrates both. While I understand the desire to want to work with marine mammals, after looking at this beast's eyes I might reconsider my choice of career. This trainer is due either for the hospital or the career counselor's office.

Do you see the little seal pup in the lower right-hand corner? He's wondering when mommy's going to finally eat the guy.

Thanks for the photo, Jared.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! Dude stop!!! It's like a sand worm coming at me straight outta the dunes of Arrakis!

Raging Wombat said...

Yes, and the trainer doesn't have any spice to enlighten his senses!

Anonymous said...

He can't do anything with his eyes, they are just wide open. His mouth is open too because he is getting fed by that man, he is throwing a fish in his mouth.

I have seen this picture elsewhere, so there is nothing violent happening in it. And actually, elephant seals are intellicent creatures.

Anonymous said...

-c +g :)

Raging Wombat said...

Anonymous, I think maybe you have missed the tone of this blog, or else I have failed to lay it on thick enough.

CourtC777 said...

Bucket, I has it.

Anonymous said...

That's Burnyce a female elephant seal. The smaller one is an old harbor seal, Sprouts. He's not a pup in the photo and he tries to mate Burnyce. Sprout's loves Burnyce to the point that we have decided to give him a different enclosure otherwise we could have hybrid pups.
Love seals and dolphins?

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Anonymous said...

That's Burnyce and Sprouts. Sprouts is a full grown male harbor seal in love with Burnyce the female elephant seal.
Want to see them or dolphins and otters?
Come to the Seymour Center in Santa Cruz CA!