Nov 24, 2006

Enjoy Your Leftovers

These two are egyptian vultures. They are the smallest of the vultures and they don't have a sense of smell. But what they lack in stature and olfactory ability they make up for in a 70 km flight range (that's endurance, baby) and vision that is at least twice as refined as that of a human's.

I had to follow up Thanksgiving with a vulture shot. Aren't we all a bit like vultures in the days following this holiday? We circle and circle, always returning to that carcass in the fridge for more meat. Enjoy your leftovers.

Photo courtesy: Frank


smallerdemon said...

:) You're definitely stretching, since those birds are gorgeous.

(Great blog, btw. In the same lineup as cuteoverload of course.)

Raging Wombat said...

Oh they're gorgeous - but only from the shoulders down. Admit it. Admit it!

Thanks for the compliment!