Nov 22, 2006

High Voltage

The electric eel, which isn't a true eel (thanks, Rasmus), is almost all tail. He likes murky waters in South America, and is able to locate and communicate with others of his kind via their electric fields. He can get as big as 9 feet and weigh as much as 60 lbs. That's a lot of not-really-an-eel fish.

A single electric discharge of his can reach 600 volts - roughly 5 times the voltage coming out of your average American electrical outlet. It is powerful enough to disable a horse! I'm not sure why a horse and electric eel would be hanging out, but there it is.

I'm surprised this fish hasn't inspired some sort of super hero or X-Men character. Come on comic book makers!

Thanks for the link, Rasmus.

Photo courtesy: BWJones