Apr 4, 2007

Ugly Encounters

Silena emailed me to highlight some of the differences (such as weight and neck length) between the alligator snapping turtle and the common snapping turtle. And she should know - check out this beast she encountered near her house a couple of years back.

The turtle had come up to lay eggs and got tired enough in the process to rest by the roadside and let Silena take some photos.

Now I'm wondering where that egg nest is. I could use a few guard snapping turtles around my yard to keep bandits away.


Jade said...

I'm still working on a permit to keep a Komodo dragon in our yard as a guard animal. It's almost impossible to get it, though!

Anonymous said...

Snapping turtles are just scary.
The 2nd picture is very distracting though and not b/c of the turtle o_O Those are some VERY short shorts she's sporting and I'm surprised nothing was exposed when she squated down into that position O_O

Arachnophile said...

Lol attack reptiles are so "hot." ;)

Seriously, I came across a snapper once. That is some serious armor-plated badness. Their not the fastest movers on land but who needs that when your beak can snap off a finger without having to think about it.

TM said...

anonymous: ahahha. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing! I'm glad you said it first! LOL!

Her shorts stand out even more because it is nearly in the center of the picture and the very bright yellow color just makes it so noticeable! And she's aiming her crotch directly at the camera! LOL!

Silena said...

Yes well god knows when the picture was taken the foremost thought in my mind was "how can I best center my yellow clad crotch in the picture. :P

Anonymous said...