Apr 22, 2007

Public Service Announcement

This post is more of a public service. I know that many of you woke up with this morning wondering if you were at risk of encountering a vampire bat. So let me lay it out straight for you: you are at risk.* In fact, you will most likely be attacked tonight.* And you probably won't survive the encounter.* I am sorry.

Thanks for the photo, Shaina.

* This assumes that you are a livestock animal that lives in Mexico, Central or South America, near a vampire bat lair, who will spook at seeing your blood dripping from the small incision the bat makes, and then bolt onto the highway into oncoming traffic.


bats said...

One interesting side effect of these critters is that because of the blood diet (water being a major component of blood), to maintain a light-enough weight to be able to fly, the bat will start to urinate very soon after it begins to eat, continuing to do so throughout its meal.

Yeah, and you thought vampires were all sexy 'n' stuff...

Raging Wombat said...

bats, that really deglamorizes the vampire, no doubt. I think I'll give up on my new goth look.