Apr 9, 2007

Deep Sea Goodies

Both Manji and Jennifer sent along this link to an article that spotlights 10 horrible sea creatures. Jennifer mentioned the Giant Isopod, which I've featured before. There's also the anglerfish, the viperfish, the fangtooth, and several others. I thought I would highlight the deep sea dragonfish.

Isn't it lovely? These guys, like the anglerfish, have photophores that dangle on the end of lures that they use to bring prey in close. But that's always confused me. What is it about glowing food that makes other fish want to eat it? If my food were glowing, I would steer clear. Also, I can't imagine that it is a good survival trait to be a bite-sized glowing fish.

Thanks for the link, Manji and Jennifer.

Photo source: OddWeek.com

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