Apr 10, 2007

There's A Monkey In the Pantheon

I don't know what species of monkey this is, but I think I've seen him rendered as the face of a monkey god in an African or Chinese pantheon. He strikes me as a playful sort (surprise for a monkey).

I challenge my readers to identify this monkey. No doubt Sun-Wukong will bless you for naming one of his lesser cousins.

UPDATE: Someone has identified this monkey, but, ironically, has failed to ID him/herself. Thank you anonymous - it looks as though this is a Colubus Monkey.

Photo source: Knuttz.net


Howard said...

I dub him: Permokisseyface!

Jack Ruttan said...

That's Sammy! I'd know him anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Angolan Black and White Colobus monkey?

Ingrid said...

No, this is a Red Colobus Monkey, only seen on Zanzibar.