Mar 11, 2006


Remember those Skeksis from the Dark Crystal? This photo of a Turkey Vulture, by Tarkeena, brought them back to mind. These birds, native to the Americas, are truly ugly abominations. As if their looks weren't enough, they also vomit on you if you spook them.

Thanks for the nightmares, Tarkeena.


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is ugly, not the bird. These are amazing Birds. The only species on the face of the earth that has a natural immunity to Anthrax. The carcases they consume help to keep us human being from being overwhelmed by disease such as anthrax. Their olfactory system allows them to find a carcass within the first 42 hrs of death BEFORE more diseases have time to fester in the corpse. They were extinct in one part of a 3rd world country and within a month there absence from the area caused epidemic disease forcing the government to import these birds from the united states to re-balance the ecosystem.

Still want to kill these beautiful creatures on site?

Raging Wombat said...

Hmm. Not sure where you got the notion that I wanted to kill them. Quite the contrary. But thanks for the information. That's very interesting.