Mar 4, 2006

Rat Tales

Proving that some people will eat just about anything, here is a basket full of Rattails ready for the skillet. These abominably ugly fish were first profiled on Ugly Overload when we were trying to identify a mystery fish. And wouldn't you know it? One of our readers succcessfully identified them for

I didn't think these seafaring fish would appear back here as cuisine. It's amazing how many ugly animals are eaten. I guess its better than a lot of cute animals being eaten.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for these poor dead fishies. What have they ever done to you? It's bad enough that you call them ugly, but they also had to be yanked out of the water where they suffocated and died. Would you like to be dragged forcibly into the water where YOU couldn't breathe?

Anonymous said...

Shut your FUCKING MOUTH, I'm so sick and tired of you tree hugging fuits bitching about the poor fucking animals.

Anonymous said...

I think those Rattail Fish are kind of cute. I would enjoy them more as pets in a tank rather than as food on the table. Or better yet, I'd rather dive amongst them and watch them in their habitat. As far as eating animals goes, its all part of natural selection. I've been hungry enough to do what I needed to do to survive. In the meantime, the strong and smart will survive and get us back. I've seen that happen too. Death is a part of life, and awaits us all as the most certain of outcomes.

Kelly said...

What's a 'fuit'? Is is a walking asshole, or is that just the person who posted...? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

hmm, es thats would be nice to swim with one of gods many creations. what have they deserved to die 4

Anonymous said...

The lot of you are pathetic. We choose to or choose not to eat meat. Eating fish is something we have always done and in civilized countries animal slaughter is done as humanely as possible, live and let live. Let each of us make our own choices. I LOVE animals, and I eat fish, and I sure as hell am no barbarian.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Wow. 2nd person to comment on this, wow. You're stupid.

and to the other people?
Yeah, hate to break it to you,

Why would God, who loves all creatures, put fish in the ocean with feelings? For us to chop them up?

Wow. I'm 15 and I can outsmart a stupid 35 year old shut in.

I love animals, so you can go chop up your poor little 100 year old grandma. See if she'd like that. Mmm, tasty old flesh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Three Skeleton Key is a story about 3 boys who are damaged by millions of rats it is a suspense story

Anonymous said...

You think in "civilized" countries that animal slaughter is done as humanely as possible?
So you think it's humane to force feed chickens in an overstuffed barn with no natural light or room to run around until they're so fat that their legs break and they can't walk anymore?
You think it's humane to inject cows with hormones so that they grow 10 times as fast as cows in natural environments all so that they can be slaughtered to feed greedy humans who eat excessive amounts of meat that they don't even need to survive?
You've got some twisted idea of what humane treatment is.

Ally said...

There's a place for every one of God's children. On a plate.

Mmm... murder, tasty tasty murder.