Feb 16, 2009

Stop Looking at Me

Conchs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; the term has been vulgarized to refer to any number of marine snails. But true conchs have that familiar claw shape, which they use to dig through the sand and to push it along in short bursts (can't really picture that one). The largest extant conch is the queen conch, which can reach a size of three feet.

I don't know if this is a true conch. All I know is that it is looking at me, and I wish it would stop.

Photo via Knuttz


Sabina E. said...

that is really a strange looking creature, but that's why I love marine biology. the underworld has so many unusual creatures lurking beneath.

Anonymous said...

Do you think those eyes EVER point in the same direction?

Anonymous said...

They do! I had a similar snail as a pet (fighting conch) and it would stare me down sometimes, and would follow things that interested it.