Feb 20, 2009

Joe informed me that Wikipedia's picture of the day today features the assassin bug. The assassin bug, pictured here (via Wikipedia), isn't terribly assassin-looking. I would have preferred ninja garb, or a trench coat with the collar turned up, or maybe a three-piece suit and a tommy gun, but oh well. I guess a chitin carapace and a blood-sucking siphon for a tongue will do. And I'm sure there are some good nodules and bumps and hooks int here, too.

Watch the video below and see where the ugly kicks in. Watch a baby (nymph) assassin bug dine on the blood of a bat (touche,bat). And then check out this link for more photos of assassin bugs in action.

Thanks, Joe.


Anonymous said...

in addition to being ugly, these guys are also called "kissing bugs" because of the big gross hickey they leave behind. AND they cause dangerous allergic reactions. also i recommend NEVER hitting one with a shoe. bloody globby icky devastation

Anonymous said...

In Central and South America, these guys are the vector for Chagas disease.

In the Eastern US, we have a common relative called a wheel-bug that has one of the most painful bites in nature. The bite of an assassin bug is pretty painless, but the bite of a wheel bug is like being pierced with a red hot dagger.

Anonymous said...

I love assassin bugs, especially the nymphs.

Here's one near H.P. Lovecraft’s grave in Providence RI.

Assassin in the mist

Anonymous said...

I found one of these in my house a few years ago. Apparently some of them can secrete a sort of glue which makes small things stick to them and camoflauges them using elements from the environment they live in.

This one was camoflauged like a dust bunny.

Milton Segura said...

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