Feb 12, 2009

Creepy Crawly Theory

Here's a video from Science Friday (great show!) about humans' responses to various creepy crawlies, including arguments for the thought that maybe our responses are more cultural than biological. It's compelling, and it's gross and creepy and oogy. What else did you come here for?

Thanks for the video, Wendy.


Jade said...

Great video. I'm a big fan of that show, too. I listen to its podcast every week.

I think everyone here knows that I'm not disgusted by roaches. Am I really THAT alone?

W. A. Whipple said...

Can't speak for everyone, but I am disgusted by roaches. Don't really know presactly why, but they're GROSS! :D

Happy Science Friday!

Anonymous said...

I like that show and must confess, roaches do not bother me. Some of those things, on the other hand, make me nervous. I think it has to do with the amount of legs it has (8+), the faster it can run and bite me. Logical, right? That giant black millipede is an exception; it's too cute and noodle-shaped (snake-like) to be afraid of.

Anonymous said...

With me it's not disgust, I suspect it's more insects' ability to ignore the concept of personal space, they're all just a bit too willing to walk all over you. You don't catch mammals or reptiles doing that.
Also yay for the return of jumping spidey, I'm sure you'd smile if we made a bit more effort.

Anonymous said...

I'm not disgusted by roaches, I'm actually pretty terrified of them.
I know they can't really hurt me, but that fear of them is def there. If I spot on in the house and no one but myself is around to combat it, I'll start shaking and just ugh.. got a shudder just thinking about it.
The little cockroaches don't bother me, it's the big ones that get to me. Palmetto bugs, whatever you want to call them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, first time commenter here. Clicked on the video to stop it and suddenly I was faced by a gigantic spider the size of a dinner plate. Excuse me while I change my pants.