Feb 5, 2009

Deep Sea Mystery Solved

Another mystery of the deep sea has been solved. Up until recently, three different forms of deep sea fish were thought to be three different species. But research has found out otherwise. To quote:

Male (lower image, top) and female (lower image, bottom) whalefish look so different that researchers have only now recognized that the two belong in the same family. The larval whalefish are even stranger (upper image with inset of body in close-up).

Photo credits: Male image, Dave Johnson; Female, Bruce Robison/MBARI; Larva: Don Hughes

I can't blame you for this mistake, fish identifiers of the world. I would assume they were three different fishies as well. I'm sure the whalefish is relieved to have this cleared up.

The whalefish is a rare fish. And here is rare footage of one.

Thanks, Morgan.


The Gravekeeper said...

Wow. I hope that I get lucky enough to someday see such a rare creature in the wild.

Alison said...

The best part of the film is the researchers' reactions! "Holy smokes!" They must love their jobs.