Jul 25, 2008

Wrinkle Character

Matt sent us a picture of his friend's pug. Pug's have a rich and long history as a breed. Most sources agree that they hail from China, dating back to before 400 B.C.

The Chinese of those by-gone years bred dogs for wrinkles and markings that looked like Chinese characters. In the case of the pug, they were bred for facial wrinkles that formed a W, which resembles the Chinese character for 'prince'.

Do you know what this means for all of us as we grow old and wrinkled? We need only search for patterns and characters in our wrinkles to take pleasure in them, as opposed to dreading the steady onslaught of age.

I think I just spotted the Egyptian hieroglyph for Anubis in my mother-in-law's crow's feet. That can't be good.


Denita TwoDragons said...

On dry days my hands spell out a fanciful haiku... ;-)


Annica said...

omg that goggie's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Oh, a very good guarder, who can come lose to him?