Jul 6, 2008

Chow Time for Roaches

Jade, our resident invert breeder, has sent us a veritable panoply of roach photos. Enjoy.

Check out Terminix for more pictures of common household roaches.

First we have Orange spotted roaches (Blaptica dubia). The males have the wings, and the juveniles have the color. That leaves the ladies flightless and drab (not really--they've got a chic glossy brown thing going on).

Next we've got your classic hisser (Gromomorphia portensia). As Jade says, "You can't go wrong with these guys." Hmm. Well. I've never tried to go right with them, so I wouldn't know.

Last, but absolutely, definitely, by no means least, we have Turkistan Roaches (Blatta lataralis). In the trade these fast little vermin are known as 'red runners.' I would be known as a 'pasty-white runner' if I encountered a group of these in my cupboards.

Just in case any of you are wondering, these photos were all taken at meal time. Jade feeds his roaches dog food and bananas, which is better than lots of dogs and monkeys get for food.


Jade said...

I can't wait to give you pictures of my newest roach, but that'll be another six months before I have adults.

Anonymous said...


ChicChickory said...

I have the "willies" now

tammy p. said...

i love the roaches! i am a roach enthusiast! hissers mostly. i had a tank that was six feet long filled with 'em.

my landlords objected, so i donated them to the oakland zoo in california.

i am going to have one tattooed on my arm; i miss them so!

i fed mine a cuisinarted mash of mango, dandelions, papaya, other fruits, hardboiled eggs now and then. they thrived!

i sent them off to tarantula owners!

anyhoo, nice roaches!