Jul 8, 2008

Back to the Office

The good folks over at NOAA gave us this one. It's a scorpion fish who has seen better days. I'm back from a week long vacation, and I feel a bit like this guy now that I have to return to the office.

Thanks, Brian.

Photo source: Paula Keener-Chavis, NOAA


Annica said...

Eh... ew!

Anonymous said...

They taste good though.

Anonymous said...

Is that how they normally look?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the alien from Enemy Mine.

Anonymous said...

anon!! seriously??

i think he looks almost like he could talk! cant you just see his lips flapping?

or do i just spend way too much time on cute o?

Anonymous said...

to shay, seriously. Just steam it and add soy sauce and there's dinner. Then again, I'm asian and by rule of thumb, we can eat practically anything.