Jul 15, 2008

Not So Slow, Not So Wormy

Though I can't account for the speed of the Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis), I do know that this creature isn't a worm. And though it looks like a snake, it isn't that either. It's a legless lizard found in all sorts of habitats in Wales (among other places).

So what's one way for the average layman to figure out if they're looking at a snake or a legless lizard? Easy: lizards have eyelids. So if one blinks at you, they've given themselves away.

I can imagine a reptilian version of a James Bondesque spy movie in which the villain suspects that the dashing and handsome serpent-hero he is working with is actually a slow worm. Only when the villain catches the hero blinking (over a game of poker) are his suspicions confirmed. Violence and hilarity ensues.

Thanks for the slow worm, Sherry.

Photo source: tr33Io

Photo source: Brecknock Wildlife Trust


Anonymous said...

It's actually quite widespread in Europe. The Danish common name is Steel Worm.

Anonymous said...

That's actually kinda neat! But I bet the other lizard with legs have all sorts of embarrassing nicknames for him. And does is slither like a snake? I can't see any other locomition working for something with no legs.

Unknown said...

Yes, but does it taste like chicken?