Jun 15, 2008

Squid Spawning

Here's something to piggy-back on the unnamed squid from earlier this week. It's a video of a mother squid releasing her hatchlings. If you're short on time, fast forward to about minute 3 and enjoy (the music may put you to sleep, so be careful). It's more ethereal than ugly, but it's a squid. I never knew they did it like this (this species at least). It's like mommy squid is equipped with a literal maternity blanket that she gently shakes to release her little ones.

Thanks for the video, Simone.


jynxkat said...

thats amazing!
what is that blanket made of? mucus?

ChicChickory said...

Nature is beautiful.

Nonexistant Black Feather said...

that's so neat and ethereal! I want a baby squid now ^^;;

Anonymous said...

Awe! I would totally want a baby squid too if I weren't alergic to ALL mollusks and bivalves