Jun 14, 2008

Mite Infestation for the Birds

The Gothamist is reporting on a Long Island woman who is suffering from a rare infestation of bird mites. The woman contracted said infestation of mites from a bird nest found in her bathroom ventilation shaft. When she went to towel herself dry after a bath, she unwittingly covered herself with these mites. She soon had them "crawling out of her orifices."

The good news is that these mites cannot live long without a bird host (mmm mmm, do they love bird secretions), so they'll die soon and drop off. But not before leaving dozens of pin-prick bites all over her.

How do you avoid bird mites? First of all, don't be a bird. After that, you must eradicate all bird nests from your property and never bathe again.

Thanks for the itches, booge.

Photo source: Gothamist


Sleepydumpling said...

My brother once got bitten on the... well... you know what by a bird louse. He was only a kid, but it swelled up like a barbecue sausage!

How's that for a nightmare?

Anonymous said...

Those definitely look more like lice than mites.

Anonymous said...

Ooh...finally something to back up my quite irrational loathing for pigeons!
I always used to tell everyone that they were hosts of inimaginable parasites.

Anonymous said...

Oh my GAWD that made me shiver... nasty.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that she would have noticed the chirping or bird-like noises coming from her ventilation...