Jun 23, 2008

Gus Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

This year's annual ugliest dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin county fair has come and gone this past weekend, and we have a new winner.

Meet gus. He's 16, has three legs and one eye, and of course, he's a Chinese Crested. Jeanenne Teed, Gus's owner, flew him in from St. Petersburg, FL, for the competition--and it has paid off. He has garnered a cool $16,000 in winnings, and has earned himself and his owner a showing on CBS This Morning in New York city.

Gus, like many other past winners, was adopted (rescued). Teed's daughter discovered the pooch 'housed' in a crate in someone's garage. But the Teeds have big hearts, and took him in. Well done Teeds. I only hope that when I'm discovered in a garage, missing a limb and an eye and in the twilight of my life, that someone will take me in. I don't even mind if you trot me around in front of the press.

Thanks, Ida.

Photo source: AP Photo/The Press Democrat, Crista Jeremiason

Photo source: KNBC - TV


Unknown said...

I dunno - shouldn't actual disfigurement be barred from competition? That hardly seems fair.

Keelamari said...

I've seen uglier.

Anonymous said...

i hope that the owners of the dogs that compete in this kind of shows don't do things to the dogs just to win :(