Nov 7, 2007

My Inspiration

I'm fast approaching the time when I have a sit-down with my wife for the sole purpose of convincing her that we need to set up a spacious terrarium to house the mantids I want to keep (see photo below for my inspiration).

There are 20 mantis species native to the US. But did you know that the common green mantis is not one of them? According to Bug Girl's Blog, they were imported from China in the 1890s. We have two additional imported species, both from Europe.

She goes on to write that contrary to popular belief, it isn't necessarily illegal to keep mantids as pets in the states. So long as they are one of the 20 native species, or one of the three imports mentioned above, you'll do just fine, and steer clear of the slammer (most exotic mantids come from Asia, many of which are endangered).

In case you wanted some light reading, here is a list of creepies you can keep as pets in the US. I was disappointed to find that my little brother isn't on it.

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Arachnophile said...

I can't believe no one has responded to this yet!

I wish you the best of luck in taht conversation wombat. I shall live vicariously though you. ;)

That was a very interesting link as well. I have to find something similar for Canada.