Nov 3, 2007

Frog Hunting Frog

What's not to love about a creature named the Helmeted Water Toad (Caudiverbera caudiverbera)? These amphibians feed primarily on other toads and frogs...

...trying so hard not to say it...will power fading...

You are what you eat. There. I said it.

They are huge, as far as toads go. They reach an SVL of about 12" (32 cm for you metric folk).

Thanks for the link, Rasmus. This critter only further proves my point that amphibians have the best names around.

Photo source: Tetrapod Zoology


Anonymous said...

Or, in this eat what you are!

Sorry. Had to do it.

Arachnophile said...

We've had some exotic toads in the warmer bits of B.C. that have tried to take full-grown cats. So, the carnivory of these froggies doesn├Ęt surprise me all that much. :)