Nov 5, 2007

I Don't Recommend This

I don't recommend this. But I had to watch it about fifty times.

Thanks for the link, Jared. I never knew that counting coup with an elephant seal could be so entertaining.


Meirav Rath said...

OMG, I want to do that, too!! I know it's horribly stupid and very dangerous but it looks like it's so much fun XD

Arachnophile said...
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Arachnophile said...


That was my comment that was deleted, by me. I clicked the wrong post.

Seruiosly, there are moments when I REALLY wish that Darwanism had a more direct result on humans. WTHECK does this 'person' think they are doing? I mean, this is an AMAZINGLY stupid thing to do, under the best of circumstances, let alon in a skirt, or nightgown, whatever she's wearing!

This is one of those moments where I find myself rooting for the 'creature.'

Counting coup is a GREAT description, B.T.W.

Jack Ruttan said...

What _was_ that lady wearing? She looked like the receptionist at a medical clinic.

Would have been much more amusing if she were rolled on, grabbed, or got elephant seal yak all over her.

(oh yeah: "You haz my bukkit!")

Danielle Lea said...

I kind of wish those people would have gotten whacked with the giant tail.
No one likes to be snuck up on!

Unknown said...

The link doesn't work anymore! Can you help me find what you were talking about?

Unknown said...

The link doesn't work! Can you help me find what you posted? (This is my second comment because the first I didn't click to get an email when you respond.) Thanks!