Nov 12, 2007

The Beauty of Ugly

This Sunday evening (11/18), PBS is airing the next installment of its Nature series: The Beauty of Ugly. The good folks at PBS have asked me to participate in their Remotely Connected program, and have invited me to be their guest blogger for next week.

I suggest you all tune in to the show. I've watched the review screening, and it is amazing. If you like what you see here, you absolutely love this show. I sat with my mouth agape for most of it. Also, feel free to read my post on it, at, following the airing. It's bound to entertain.


Nothing Never said...

Hey Congratulations! That is so coolllllll!

Jade said...

Woo! Congrats, man!

I'd love to watch the show, but I don't have a TV. If they put it on iTunes, I'll happily buy it, though.

Arachnophile said...

This is EPIC wombat! Congrats. Don't forget us little people when you get famous eh? :p

Christina Acker said...

Hey!!! Congratulations!!! I'll be looking for it!

Nonexistant Black Feather said...

I saw a preview and thought of this blog... but I didn't know you'd actually be involved with it! That's so awesome!
Unfortunately, I missed the show. It would have been so awesome to see!!