Oct 17, 2007


Ida sent this photo along. You're looking at the profile of photis pugnator. Pugnator. I'm pretty sure my siblings used to call me that.

These tiny creatures are tube-building amphipods. Amphipods are crustaceans known for their laterally compressed bodies. Think sea lice and sand fleas. Isn't that an illustrious corps of critters to belong to?

Thanks for the photo, Ida. I hadn't received my yearly dosage of amphipods yet.

Photo souce: Live Science


Nebulous Grey said...

He's perfect for the nasaly growl of "I vant to suck your bloooood..."
Is that hunchback posture constant?

Arachnophile said...

I'd name him Igor. Doesn't he just look like an IGOR!

Anonymous said...

I think my 9yr old brother just hit the nail on the head.
'Looks like a fishy pig.'