Oct 22, 2007

Great Swallower

Chris sent along this story of a fisherman who was fishing in the Cayman Islands. The fisherman saw something bobbing in the water and motored over. This is what he found.

What you're looking at is a case of the small fish eating the big fish. More specifically, a Great Swallower (a small fish known for taking on big prey) that tried to swallow a snake mackerel four times its size. It didn't go so well for either fish. But, if it is a consolation to them, they are contenders for the official Guiness world record of the largest portion eaten by a fish.

I'll be tightening my belt now. And I'll forgo the trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet I had planned for tonight. I think a small bowl of rice will suffice.

Thanks for inspiring me in my new diet, Chris.

Photo source: cayCompass.com


Jack Ruttan said...

B. Kliban was right: Never eat anything bigger than your own head.

Arachnophile said...

Whow! While I'm seriously sceptical about this story, that's just... DAHNG! Nothing like one of the SEVEN DEADLIES causing a graphic death. ;)

Dominic said...

People may think why is this stupid fish eat prey 4 times it size, but in fact it's a very smart evolution. It's stomach is designed to swallow prey that's few times larger than itself. It'll swim around to attract predator, once the predator attacks, it'll counter-attack and turn the predator into a prey. That means, the Great Swallower don't have to go around looking for food, the food will come to him!! Since this species is only found in deep water, that means they can't see. They won't know if the prey is too large for them until their stomach couldn't take it anymore.
I've also written an article on this, please check out at my website for other Unbelievable Facts too and you can find some pretty ugly animal there too!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome, but it seems that that particular fish swallowed a bit more than he could stomach, eh?

I do admit, though, that I am somewhat disturbed that this is a photograph of two dead fish. Dead fish give me the jibblies.

Unknown said...

The fisherman that found this fish floating is my father. He is always finding or landing cool stuff like that. It is especially amazing how things/events like this impact the way we see or grasp things. It makes us think and wonder what else is out there...