Oct 12, 2007

Aye-Aye Vision

I've heard the occasional rustling in the ivy that's overgrown by backyard fence. When I've gone out to investigate the noise, I am usually greeted with the green reflection of a pair of possum eyes staring at my flashlight. But if I caught a glimpse of this eating from my gnarly-fruit tree, I'd call my realtor the next day and relocate.

I've borrowed this aye-aye shot from the good folks over at Zooillogix. In their post, they write about a scientist who believes he may be coming close to proving that these nocturnal primates are able to see in color in the dark. I really hope they can. I'll be the first in line to purchase the first commercially available set of aye-aye night vision goggles (I would call them the Aye-Eyes).

Thanks for the link, Casey.

Photo source: Zooillogix


Nanette said...

I think you've missed the best aye-aye of all - and she's just a baby, so you know she's cute! ... Right?

We adopted her - or his, maybe -(photo) as mascot of a political chatroom. We call her Fluffy.

Jack Ruttan said...

No Paris Hilton comparisons?

Arachnophile said...

LOL!!! jack... you're EE-VILE ;)

Fluffy has appeared on this site in the past I think... correct me if I'm wrong. And yes, she is very cool and so-ugly-she's-cute.

These creatures are getting cooler and cooler, the more I learn about them. Pfft "primative" primates indeed *huff*