Oct 25, 2007

2000-pound Black Lab in Disguise

Cynthia sent me these photos that an intern (by the name of Karla--thanks Karla) took while at the Fossil Rim wildlife park in Texas, US. They are of a black rhino named Kusamona. Karla calls him her 'lovebug,' and says, "who knew rhinos were really 2000+ pound black labs in disguise?"

I never knew that rhinos could be so...loveable. I'll have to look past the thick hide, beady eyes, and armored plates to see that trait, but I'm sure it's there. I'll just look from the back of a jeep and at a great distance.


LoveAppleFarm said...

I love the feet. Looks like a French manicure. I know they take really good care if the animals there, but that's redonculous!

Nebulous Grey said...


Sounds redundent. Hmm.

Arachnophile said...

2000 lb doggeh with poops the size of an actual lab. ;)

Interesting that in the wild these guys are known to trample you with very little provocation but they, and their equally easy-to-anger hippo friends can be such luv-mushes when raised around people.