Jul 17, 2007

Eye for Evil

I can just imagine myself going for a swim in a Mexican river, a nice carne asada taco in my belly. I'm cruising along and enjoying myself when I stick my head underwater and see this staring back at me. I would assume that I had encountered the aquatic version of Chupacabra. I'd then prepare for my trip to the Underworld.

But we all know that axolotl's aren't harbingers of death or anything, right? Right?

Thanks for the photo, Pie. You have an eye for evil.

Photo courtesy: Pie


Bluejack said...

You look at this thing and wonder: is it *really* dangerous, or just trying to *look* dangerous to scare off the truly nasty predators?

In fact, it's the latter. I met this guy in an antiquarian bookstore down in the village a few years back, and the only scary thing about this fellow is that he prefers Proust to Thackeray. This is an unflattering pose, sure: you are more likely to see him reclining in a leather chair, his spined horns tucked back, and a timeworn hardcover in his hands.

It is a little offputting that he *has* hands, I grant you.

Anonymous said...

These little things are so cool. If injured and loose a leg or something, these little guys can grow the whole thing back; bone, tissue and all! Sure they may spend their whole life as 'teenager' larval stages, but who could deny the comfort of mom's couch?


Anonymous said...

The comparison between a chupacabra and this guy made me laugh. Axolotls and salamanders faces look like the front of porsches to me.

Anonymous said...

These are some of the coolest creatures ever,which are neotenic salamanders, been bred by humans for over a century mostly for developmental biology, neurobiology, things like studies in brain transplants and body regeneration. They have done a lot for us humans, scientifically, but they are highly endangered in their native habitat in the valley of Mexico in the remnants of Lake Xochimilco. Pollution and introdution of Tilapia are suposed links to their demise as with use in traditional medicines. This is sad because they are so easy to breed.

Best pet I have ever had, also. Amazing, but lazy little salamander beasts. Not dangerous at all, I can handfeed them. Hey they have lungs and gill :P