Jul 14, 2007


This dog isn't ugly. It might be the coolest dog ever. But since I don't want to start up a blog about muscle-bound canines, I'm posting on it here.

You're looking at a whopper of a whippet. These are normally sleek racing dogs. But Wendy here has a genetic defect which has made her double-muscled, resulting in her Barry Bonds style beefiness.

She's kind, good natured, enjoys playing around. She's a normal dog except she has, well, double the muscles.
The only sad thing is that Wendy is likely to have a shortened lifespan. But she is happy and is otherwise unaware of her condition. I wouldn't being like that myself.

Thanks for the link, Peer, Hong, and Aaron.

Photo source: Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

I saw the story about her. She is one amazing looking dog.
You can just look into her eyes and see that she is nothing but a big lovebug that will give you sloppy kisses.
I really hope this defect doesn't cause her to have a shortened life and that she lives nice a long.
Even if that happens, I'm sure her owners will have given her the best life possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I saw this image in a macro and assumed it was photoshopped. Poor puppy. I hope the shortended lifespan assumption is incorrect.

~ Jen

VegBot said...

It's Arnold Schwarzendogger!

Anonymous said...

This made me gasp. Holy crow, what a body.

I agree--she looks like she's just a big smoocher. And it sounds like her life is a good and happy one, the sweetheart.

Sean said...

That's a badA$$ looking dog!

Anonymous said...

This type of genetic effect is especially known from a cattle breed named Belgian Blue, but also from mouses. It was even recorded in humans.
I think this dog has a big resemblence to those monster dogs in the Hulk-movie.

brocaine said...

Belgian Blues and myostatin-deficient mice, among others (scroll down).

Anonymous said...

I dunno... I find that kind of musculature to be quite ugly. That is definitely not a dog I'd want to meet in a dark alley.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the dog have a long life with those who lover her!