Jul 15, 2007

Be Thankful for the Glass

Joanne encountered this croc while on a trip to Australia. Specifically, this beast resides in the Sydney Aquarium, where he gives people the evil eye day in and day out. I'm thinking this is a saltwater crocodile. Anyone want to confirm that?

Is there an evolutionary advantage to a crocodile's smile? Or is just meant to freak us out?

Great shot, Joanne. I'm glad that you had the glass between you and the reptile.


Anonymous said...

Yet another fantastic photo!! This guy's "come a little closer, no harm will come to you..." leering smile is a knockout!!

jynxkat said...

i believe the 'smile' is a result of the gigantic muscles used to close the jaws vs the reatively small ones used for opening them. a strong person could hold this guys mouth shut with just his hands but keeping them from chomping you once he's got a clear shot is nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

"Just a little bit closer my pretty"