Jul 10, 2007

Am I Correct?

Am I correct in assuming this is an emperor scorpion? Am I correct in assuming that it is cranky? Am I correct in assuming that it would trigger my already hyper-sensitive arachnophobia? It's those gall-dern, segmented legs. They get me everytime.

Photo source: Knuttz


Jade said...

I'm reasonably sure it's an emperor (Pandinus imperator). They're pretty docile and take well to handling, surprisingly. If it's cranky, it's only because they light is on. They hate light (and sunlight can kill them).

Anonymous said...

Jade, why does sunlight kill them? UV radiation?

This is great--my word verfication picture says "odamm". That's what the scorpion is saying!

Jade said...

Right. The UV light is what kills them. I've never looked into the specifics, but that's the gist of it. This is why it's also a bad idea to keep them under black lights for extended periods of time.

Anonymous said...

That is a black emperor scorpion, they only get crank when hungry or with babies on there back, and as for your arachnophobia my best friend is terrified of spiders and she has held all the ones that i own and have had.I breed scorpions and i have never heard that sunlight can kill them, they have to have some sort of a light. got questions feel free to email me a dawn_88_07@hotmail.com

Raging Wombat said...

Hello Dawn,

I can't get your email to work! Please email me at: ragingwombat at gmail dot com. Thanks.