Dec 6, 2006

Weta Minute

The tusked weta comes in three varieties. They are native to New Zealand and endangered. The tusks aren't for biting and only the males possess them. They're used for shoving and pushing their opponents around.

If I could choose a mutant power, I might choose to have some weta traits. I wouldn't mind a nice pair of tusks for pushing people around. Plus, these guys can leap over three feet. Proportionally, that would give me, as Weta Man, quite an impressive jumping ability. But it might make me unbearably ugly. But that could be a special power in and of itself...

Wait, I'm blogging, not fantasizing. Sorry people.

Photo courtesy: Terra Nature


Anonymous said...

Recent reader to your blog...I have to say that some of these animals are really ugly. Love your blog...informative.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if WETA workshop of Lord of the Rings fame has any connection to the name of this insect? I know that WETA stands for something, but maybe they also chose it because of the links to NZ. :?

Agree with the post above--I like the mix of ugliness and informative-ness!

Raging Wombat said...

TF, you must be right on the WETA connection. That strikes me as exactly Jackson's style.