Dec 17, 2006

Pea Soup

I wonder how long this crocodile was lurking in this pea-soup, only to have his cover blown for...what exactly? He's menacing something, but I can't see what.

Of course, I'm only guessing its a crocodile. After all, there are 23 species of crocodiles and their cousins. I'm not herpatologist enough to figure it out. For all i know, he could only be a hand puppet. Regardless, this confirms my natural aversion to swamps.

Photo Courtesy: Kevin


Unknown said...

Maybe he just followed his mothers advice and ate all his vegetables. And then remember that there is that old saying, that you are what you eat. Better be careful, too much of a good thing and all.

Raging Wombat said...

Wow, you are what you eat. What does that mean for a crocodile? Wouldn't that make him a walking garbage disposal?