Dec 29, 2006

Giant Squid Caught

You're looking at one of the only photos ever taken of a live giant squid. A team of intrepid Japanese scientists laid a lure thousands of feet down and snagged this massive specimen earlier this month.

Alas, the poor beast didn't survive the capturing process. It's for the best, though. If he had survived, and then had been released back into the wild, I'm sure the other giant squids would have roughed him up for blowing their centuries-long streak of not being seen by man. You would hate to be the first squid to blow that deal.

Thanks for the link, Banno.

Photo courtesy: Reuters


Anonymous said...

Ok.. that is just about the scariest damn thing I've ever seen. Exactly how big is it?? It could be an illusion of a smaller one... and since you say it's giant we're gonna be seeing it that way.. ya know? heh Anywho... this is why I'm scared of the ocean *shudders* Could you imagine something humongous like that swimming up under you?

Raging Wombat said...

The article I found says it was 24 feet long! Enormous, but far from the largest dead one on record.