Dec 26, 2006

Bad Attitude

Behold the bactrian camel (as opposed to the dromedary). Unlike their one-humped cousins, these animals are native to cold, mountainous climates in China and Tibet. They can carry up to 600 lbs, covering 40 miles a day without water for weeks at a time. That probably explains this guy's grimace.

I'd leave him out of the caravan today (or the zoo's morning line-up). Bad attitudes have a way of being infectious.

Photo courtesy: Dave Clark


Unknown said...

I think he'd have to pay a lot of money for a dentist. Nasty

Anonymous said...

Are you supposed to be able to see the ribs on camels? Maybe he looks so pissy cause he's hungry!

PS: Me likey this site. Ugly or cute, this is the animal revolution in action ;D

Raging Wombat said...

Revolution, indeed. I'm glad you likey.

AutiMama said...

I don't know but this guy has a nice "do" on that head, LOL!!

I'm loving this blog!!