May 12, 2006


This ventures out of the realm of the merely ugly and into the downright disgusting. Ever wish you could see slugs feeding on an earthworm? Well, here you go. This worm never had a chance.

I want to call it a feeding frenzy, but slugs are ... well, too sluggish for that. Plus, it looks orderly. Look at those three lined up on the righthand side: "Hey, Mitch, pass some of that white stringy stuff, will ya?" "Sure, but you have to try this orange gooey gunk. It's fantastic."

Slugs typically only enter my life as garden pests and the occasional slip hazard. But if they have now turned to murder and active predation, well that is just plain freaky. Keep your salt handy. Thanks for the picture, Nancy.


Anonymous Me said...

Funny commentary! You totally did it justice.

Raging Wombat said...

I'm glad you approve. Thanks for the photo!