May 28, 2006

Old Man Buffalo

Perhaps it isn't fair to post this particular cape buffalo on Ugly Overload. Afterall, his looks come from a long and hard life on the African savannah (check out those nitched ears!). Though, when you poke around online, you quickly come to understand that the merit of this animal doesn't come from their looks.

Although they are herbivores, they are known to be very aggressive. These beasts are believed to have killed more big game hunters than any other animal in Africa. They can take down lions, who only bother attacking sick or old individuals. If wounded, they have been reputed to have stalked and then attacked the foolish man who shot him. When they decide to throw their weight around - nearly one ton of muscle, bone, and horns - they are lethal.

The cape buffalo may not have any brains underneath those gnarly horns, but I'll respect it just the same. From a distance. Behind a strong fence.

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