May 26, 2006

Anyone ... hello ... ?

Okay, OKAY! Hold your horses. I know that the aardvark isn't exactly ugly (and that baby is cute, dang it), but will you concede that it is at least alien-looking? Huge claws, tube noses, funky ears - they look like a poorly designed alien creature from a bad sci-fi movie.
I did some research to justify putting this shot on this site. Did you know that 'aardvark' comes from a word meaning 'earth pig?' That' a good start; pigs are ugly. Also, the aardvark is from Africa. That's another strike against it - face it, Africa produces an disproportionally large amount of ugly animals. And then, what do aardvarks eat? Termites - using their sticky tongues that they stick inside termite mounds. That's gross, right? Anyone ... hello ... ?

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