May 27, 2006

I eat pieces of $%!& like you for breakfast!

No, seriously. When this gorilla threatens you with that old line, "I eat pieces of [feces] like you for breakfast," he means it, literally. As if that look in his eyes wasn't enough ...

Did you know that a male silverback (one of them is staring at you right now) can stand at 5'6", weigh up to 500 lbs, and have an arm span of over 9 feet!?! Ya. They can literally tear us measley humans apart and not break a sweat. I'm just glad I have truly opposable thumbs and a larger brain. I'm sure that will impress the gorilla who gets his poo-stained hands on me.

I just hope it's his own product he's eating. I won't consider the alternative. Thanks for the great shot,

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