Jan 29, 2006

Why This Duck?

This is a muscovy duck. According to Feathersite, this species of duck is the only domesticated duck not of Mallard stock. Why, oh why, out of the many duck species, did someone choose to domesticate the ugliest one? Look at that warty, swollen face. Come on!

Supposedly, they make up for their ugliness by being personable and intelligent. Also, they are good eating. Okay, you are forgiven this time. But next time, please pick a better looking waterfowl to work with.

Photo courtesy: www.livescience.com.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know about personable... my grandma had one (it somehow got mixed in with a batch of mallards she bought from a hatchery) and he was crazy mean. He used to fly around the yard chasing my sister. Hilarious...but mean all the same.