Jan 14, 2006

Fluorescent Green Ugly?

This photo is making the rounds right now in the AP. Evidently, researchers at the University of Taiwan saw fit to inject fluorescent green protein into pig embryos. The result: they are the first to produce pigs (three males to date) that are thoroughly fluorescent from the inside out - their feet are green, their snouts are green, their teeth, eyes and skin are green - even their internal organs are green.

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This isn't all, though. It turns out that they used jellyfish genetic material - which is why they also GLOW IN THE DARK when you shine a blue light on them.

Supposedly, these green pigs are going to help in human stem cell research. I fear, however, that they may have done no more than take an ugly animal and make it uglier.

To be complete, the Taiwanese should now produce some green chickens. Dr. Seuss would be so happy that we could then eat green eggs and ham, without contracting bacterial infections.

But wait, didn't they also use jellyfish genes in The Hulk? Great. Good job every one.


Anonymous said...

Saw these guys on /. and digg.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Nergal from Bill & Mandy.