Jan 22, 2006

Upchucking Monkey

It is very hard to find an image of an ugly baby anything, but especially of an ugly baby monkey. Luckily, this baby squirrel monkey was caught in the act of vomiting, and that is ugly.

OK, maybe not. It's just eating a special blend of squirrel monkey gruel, provided by its keepers at the Metropolitan Zoo in Budapest, Hungary.

These little creatures, which probably won't ever be featured on Ugly Overload again, are natives of South America. They eat insects and fruit and are cute. That's about it.

Hey, give us some credit for trying to find a good ugly baby monkey photo. Our quest continues ...

Photo courtesy: Yahoo!

1 comment:

Ally said...

This is cute!

I do love your blog though, and I have an affinity for ugly things. I started reading it from the beginning.

I laughed for three hours at the sloth+girl picture.